Vector Beitelführung

Vector Beitelführung
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“Depth Guide-Flute up Fixture” using this device you will be able to set adjustable steel... mehr
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“Depth Guide-Flute up Fixture” using this device you will be able to set adjustable steel projection and also index the flute up. This is accomplished in existing “jigs” internally in the steel hold device, doing it that way makes it impossible to move the steel forward enough to grind all the flute length.

“Steel Hold Fixture” innovation is that there is nothing to prevent the steel from sliding all the way forward for grinding of the entire flute. Indexing being done as in the picture to the left, with flute-up and projection set simply lock the “T” handle and you are ready to grind.

“Pivot Plate” this is the magic, this is what creates the multi bevel grind. Using more than one point to pivot the steel hold fixture is key.

The two side pivots create the primary grind and then stepping up to the center-center pivot for the secondary grind and last the pivot for the final bevel is closest to the wheel.

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